Rejected asylum seeker

We can offer you counselling about returning to your home country.

If your asylum application in Denmark is rejected, you may have a lot of questions, thoughts and concerns about your situation.

We can offer you counselling about returning to your home country. We can talk about your situation – about practical and emotional issues.

The counselling is confidential. The Danish Refugee Council gives no information to the Danish authorities about your thoughts. Counselling with us does not necessarily mean that you wish to return, just that you want counselling concerning your situation.

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(For Danish - see page 2. English - page 3. French - page 4. Farsi/Dari - page 5.  Arabic- page 6. Pashto - page 7. Russian - page 8. Somali - page 9. Sorani - page 10.)

About us

Danish Refugee Council is an independent and humanitarian organization, and amongst other things, we have knowledge about:

  • What happens if your application for asylum is rejected and what rules apply to rejected asylum seekers

  • What kind of practical, social and/or financial support you may be able to receive, if you return to your home country

  • How you may prepare to return to your home country

Contact us

You are welcome at our offices in Center Avnstrup, Center Sjælsmark or Center Kærshovedgård.

You are also welcome in our office in Borgergade 6, Copenhagen. Upon request, we can arrange a translator. You can book a meeting by writing to: 

Reintegration support?

Depending on the country you must return to, a reintegration programme might be available.

Read about reintegration support